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Performancelist.com Broadcast Services Reach Consumers First!

Here's how it works...

Automotive enthusiasts are first directed to the Performancelist.com subscription registry from links embedded on SEMA member sites, automotive media sites, Internet search engines and print media. Once they have arrived, enthusiasts register their vehicle for free by make and model in exchange for the opportunity to receive only model-targeted e-mail announcements containing the latest news, events, specials and product announcements for their car, truck or SUV. Embedded hot-links within the e-mail can further direct the customer to a picture on the (announcing) company's website and if desired, further direct them to the nearest dealer for purchase. Quality and relevant information, to those that want to know, is what it's all about.

What's the advantage to a SEMA member or a media organization?

It enables the opportunity to broadcast product announcements, special offers, car shows, racing events and subscription specials with "rifle-shot" accuracy to a large audience of receptive enthusiasts who have given their permission to be addressed. Such speed, precision and mass have never before been attainable. With postage cost at zero, Performancelist.com strategic partners will quickly recognize the value.

SEMA themselves (via their consumer site enjoythedrive.com) use our services to announce news, legislative and event information to consumers.

Permission has been granted via "opt-in". The most powerful way to communicate on the Internet...

Developed as a permission-marketing site known as "opt-in", it encourages registration and develops a database of clients who want to receive continued quality and relevant information from SEMA, SEMA member companies and media organizations. As a permission site, the ability to "unsubscribe" is also made easy. This subscribe/unsubscribe feature allows the consumer to be in control while at the same time establishing the targeted database as viable, effective and directed only to enthusiasts that are open to product annou ncements and other related messages.

Because it's on the Internet, here's the "Free" Business Model you can take advantage of as a partner...

Once linked and established for ninety days, participating SEMA members and media organizations will be able to deliver announcements on a contribution-measured basis at no charge. For every one thousand subscribers that are hot-link directed from the partner's website to the Performancelist.com registry (it's all recorded automatically), they will be able to send three model-specific announcements at no charge (one make-model broadcast alone can reach in excess of 11,000 consumers as is the case with some of vehicle list such as the Honda Civic and Mazda Miata).

For those that choose to pay...

Announcement quantities beyond the contribution-measured basis are charged only a nominal per-name fee of $250.00 per 1000 with volume discounts and partner discounts that will reduce the name per 1000 cost. We're happy to just have you partner with us and earn free broadcast credits as consumers register from your site. It's your choice. Performancelist.com digitally transmits distribution of e-mail announcements to the subscribers.

What SEMA members and media organizations must do first...

To participate, media and SEMA member companies must first have a hot-link from their home or most visited page to http://www.performancelist.com. To help direct subscribers, you can copy the link button posted at... http://www.performancelist.com/images/performancelist.gif

Programming Update! Subscribers can now stay within a media or SEMA member's site while registering their vehicle in the performancelist.com database. This means they don't have to leave the your web site while they are registering. They can stay right where they are and save time. This is accomplished via custom programming (no charge), so call us first.

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